Ben Castro

Ben Castro, a seasoned professional in music and podcasting, brings over 22 years of musical experience and a decade of teaching music to our team. His journey has not just been about mastering instruments but also about understanding the nuances of sound and its impact.

In the podcasting world, Ben’s portfolio is impressive, featuring involvement in over 2000 podcast episodes and 200 different shows. This experience has refined his skills in audio storytelling and technical sound engineering, making him an expert in creating engaging and high-quality podcasts.

Ben’s expertise is backed by a formal certification in podcast engineering, recognizing him as a leader in this field. His combination of technical knowledge and musical acumen allows him to produce podcasts that are not just technically sound but also pleasing to the ear.

At our studio, Ben is the cornerstone of podcast production, offering invaluable insights into sound mixing, podcast production technicalities, and the art of audio content creation. His role is crucial in ensuring every podcast episode we produce is of the highest quality, both technically and artistically.

Christian Porrello

Christian Porrello has been a dynamic force in the podcasting industry since 2019. His relatively recent entry into the field has been marked by remarkable achievements, including the production of over 100 shows and 1000 episodes. This impressive portfolio underlines his capability and dedication to the craft of podcasting.

Holding a certification in podcast engineering, Christian combines technical expertise with a creative flair. His approach to podcast production is not just about ensuring technical excellence but also about innovating and thinking outside the box. This creative mindset is a key asset, making him an invaluable member of our team.

Christian’s philosophy revolves around making podcasting accessible and effective for everyone. He continuously explores new ways to adapt and evolve podcast formats to suit diverse audiences and purposes. His ability to tailor podcasting to various needs makes him a versatile and forward-thinking producer.

At our studio, Christian is the brain behind many of our innovative podcasting strategies. He brings a fresh perspective to each project, ensuring that every podcast not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients and listeners.

Travis Flesher

Travis Flesher, a UNLV Film graduate of 2021, is a visionary in the podcasting industry, having immersed himself in the Las Vegas podcasting scene since 2016. His journey, marked by both creativity and technical prowess, has seen him hosting numerous shows, bringing diverse content to a wide audience.

In 2021, Travis embarked on an ambitious venture, founding his first podcasting company. Under his leadership, the company has flourished, producing over 2000 episodes across 350 shows. This achievement not only showcases his ability to manage large-scale projects but also his commitment to delivering quality content consistently.

Travis is the technical creator of the Podcast Junkeez Workflow, a testament to his innovative approach to podcast production. This workflow system is designed to streamline the podcasting process, ensuring efficiency without compromising on the quality of the final product.

His role at the company is multifaceted, blending his skills as a filmmaker with his expertise in podcasting. Travis is not just the founder; he is the driving force behind our technical advancements, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in podcasting.